The best way to save on your legal cost is to get your documents ready.  It would be a good idea to complete the intake form ahead of time, and have your pay stubs, tax return, bank statements (at least 3 months), a list of your properties, loan documents, any prior court orders, and all of your debts listed before you meet with your attorney for the first time.  It would be helpful to have the documents faxed to the attorney ahead of time so the attorney can review it and be ready to discuss it with you.

Yes, we can represent you in the court for a specific issue only.  A lot of our clients found it to be very useful and affordable.  But, please keep in mind limited scope representation is not for everyone.  Please contact us for more detail. 

It depends.  There is no set price for divorce because every case has its own unique facts.  It really depends on the parties that are involved in the case.  The legal fee will significantly cost more if the parties want to litigate instead coming to a settlement agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can locate the latest chart for the fees directly from the court web site. You should file a fee waiver form (FW-001) with the court if you cannot afford to pay the fee.

Q. How much is the court cost to file a divorce paper?

Q. How much is the attorney fee for a divorce?

Q. Does your firm offer limited scope representation?

Q. How can I save on my legal cost?

No. My office currently is not accepting any new pro bono cases.  If you need pro bono service, please contact Pro Bono Project to see if you qualify for their service.

Q. Do you still do pro bono work?

Yes, there is a $300 consultation fee per hour. However, there is no consultation fee if you are a victim of a domestic violence. 

Q. Do you charge consultation fee?

At this time we accept cash, checks, all major credit cards and PayPal. 

Q. What type of payments do you take?  Credit cards?

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